Terms and Conditions

General Terms of the Rental Agreement

By signing the Rental Agreement the Renter agrees to the following terms:

Rental Periods

The Rental Agreement begins with the takeover of the camper van at the rental station and ends with the return to the rental station. CITYPEAK CAMPERS shall provide the Renter with a technically sound vehicle and undamaged accessories. The minimum rental period is three nights and can be extended on a daily basis. In high season, the minimum rental period is seven nights and can be extended on a weekly basis.


Renter and Drivers licence requirements

All drivers of the vehicle named on the Rental Agreement must be at least 21 years old and must be in possession of a valid Category B drivers license for operation of up to 3.5 t (passenger car ticket) or C1 for at least 12 months (observe national regulations). Valid original drivers licenses must be submitted upon take over of the vehicle. The Renter must be present at takeover and provide a valid credit card (Visa, Mastercard, AmericanExpress) bearing the Renter’s name as the cardholder. Only drivers named on the Rental Agreement are allowed to operate the vehicle. It is strictly forbidden to hire third parties or to use the vehicle for driving lessons.


Transfers and parking

We offer complimentary return transfers between our rental station in Gebertingen and Zurich International Airport and its immediate proximity if the duration of the rental is 10 days or more. Return transfers for shorter rentals are available for a fee of CHF100.00. Guests arriving from intercontinental flights are advised to spend the first night in a hotel or B&B; otherwise the vehicle must remain within Gebertingen on the first day of the rental.

Guests arriving by private vehicle may park a car free of charge for the duration of the rental at our rental station. Parking is at the owner’s risk. No liability is assumed for damages.


Vehicle Pick-up

The vehicle pick-up time in Gebertingen is Monday to Saturday between 14.00 and 19.00, in Avry is Monday to Friday between 14.00 and 19.00 and in Buchrain and Oensingen is Monday to Friday between 13.00 and 16.30. In high season (July 05 to August 15) the pick-up time at all stations is always Friday at the time stated for each station. Exceptions must be pre-authorized. The exact transfer time must be agreed upon and arranged in advance and is binding. Upon takeover, Renters are familiarized with the vehicle and its operation. Vehicle condition is noted on documentation signed by the Renter. Please allow 30 to 60 minutes for takeover. The vehicle will be equipped with all reserved equipment and the fuel tank will be full.


Vehicle Return

Vehicle return time in Gebertingen is Monday to Saturday between 8.00 and 10.00, and in Avry, Buchrain and Oensingen is Monday to Friday between 8.00 and 10.00. In the high season (July 05 to August 15) the return time at all stations is Friday at the time stated for each station. The condition of the vehicle is also documented when it is returned. Vehicle condition will be compared with previous documentation to detect for new damage on the basis of a short checklist. The camper must be returned with a full diesel tank, the interior of the camper must be cleaned (clean kitchenette/refrigerator, the rest broom-clean). Washing the exterior of the vehicle is not necessary. We reserve the right to charge for hidden defects (e. g. paint damage which is not immediately visible due to being concealed by dirt). Waste water tanks and portable toilets must be empty to avoid a cleaning fee of CHF 150.00 each. We reserve the right to charge the renter for damages, missing fuel, broken or missing equipment, full cost of repairs resulting from use of improper fuel, and extra cleaning costs.


Early or Late Return

No refunds are given for returning the vehilce early or driving fewer than the number of prepaid kilometers. Notification must be given if the vehicle cannot be returned by the date and time as noted on the Rental Agreement. In the case of unauthorized late return, a charge of CHF 100.00 per hour will apply. The Renter is liable for all costs incurred by CITYPEAK CAMPERS as a result of a late return.


Lessor’s Liability

The Lessor cannot be held liable for damages or losses incurred by the Renter or Third Parties as a result of a breakdown or accident or in connection with the operation of the rented vehicle. In the event that the rented vehicle becomes unable to complete the full term of the rental period as a result of an event for which the Lessor is not responsible, the Lessor shall endeavor to provide a replacement vehicle of the same or similar category, but is not obliged to do so. Vehicles of a higher category would be supplied at no extra cost (the premium category campers are VW T6.1 California and Mercedes Marco Polo). Vehicles of a lower category would be supplied along with a refund of the difference in the daily rental rate between the two categories. The Renter would have the right to withdraw from the Rental Agreement without any compensation beyond the reimbursement of the amount paid for the unused portion of the rental period. The Lessor cannot be held responsible for damages resulting from vehicle defects or mechanical failure that prevent the Renter from continuing travel or cause loss of time. This includes any additional costs from time delays for ferry crossings.


Vehicle Maintenance

CITYPEAK CAMPERS performs extensive safety and technical testing prior to the release of the vehicle for hire. All of our VW Vans are the latest models (2023/2024). All of our vehicles require diesel fuel and consume an average of 9,4 litres per 100 kilometres (factory data) depending on driving habits and road conditions. The rented vehicle is delivered clean and ready for travel with a full fuel tank, proper coolant level, and proper oil level. The Renter undertakes to refill engine coolant, oil and AdBlue as required, to use the rented vehicle with the utmost care, and to drive according to legal regulations. In case of infringement of these terms, the Renter bears full responsibility for any costs incurred as a result.


Repairs / Accidents / Burglary / Theft

Within the rental period necessary repairs must be reported to the Lessor immediately by telephone or email. The Lessor decides how and where the vehicle is repaired. No refunds are given for repairs performed without consent from the Lessor. Renter’s expenses will only be given upon disclosure of original receipts and invoices. In the case of an accident, theft, or burglary damage, the Lessor and the local police must be promptly informed. Without a police report, the Renter is responsible for the cost of the damage. The Renter is obligated to complete the European Accident Report in full. Arrangements for repair or repositioning of the vehicle for repair requires written authorization from CITYPEAK CAMPERS. Damage to or loss of personal belongings is the responsibility of the Renter.


Restricted Areas

In general, driving on all public roads including unpaved roads is permitted. Travel to Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, countries south and east of Turkey, or any country outside of the continent of Europe is prohibited. Damage, burglary, or theft of the vehicle caused by driving in unauthorized areas is the full responsibility of the Renter

Security Deposit

A deposit of CHF 1500.00 must be paid in advance by bank transfer or credit card (Visa, Mastercard, AmericanExpress) in addition to the rental fees. This will be refunded within 10 business days following return of the vehicle and all rented property clean, undamaged, and on time. Damages that can only be detected after thorough cleaning and inspection will be deducted from the refund. The Lessor is not obliged to compensate for losses as a result of fluctuations in currency exchange rates.

Animals / Smoking

Animals may only be brought along in vehicles provided for this purpose and after prior consultation with us. An additional daily flat rate of CHF 10 is payable (max. CHF 210). Smoking is not permitted in the vehicle. A penalty of CHF 400.00 will be charged if evidence of smoking or unauthorized occupancy by an animal inside the vehicle is detected. Extra cleaning and damage will also be charged in addition to the penalty.


Household Equipment

Household utensils such as pots, crockery, and cutlery are included in the daily rental fee.

Sleeping bags, pillows, and personal linens can be rented for a fee of CHF 85.00 per person.



Vehicle Preparation Fee

The vehicle preparation fee is CHF 155.00 per rental and includes a propane gas bottle for the cooker and a complete safety and technical inspection.


Comprehensive and Liability Insurance

Our rental vehicles carry comprehensive and liability insurance policies that cover losses up to CHF 100,000,000.00. The deductible is CHF 1500.00 per incident. This includes damage caused by fire, collision, vehicle theft, incidental damage, snow slide, collision with animals, and glass damage. Not insured is damage due to gross negligence, parking damage, damage caused by ignoring vehicle height restrictions, willful damage, driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs, or violating the conditions of the Rental Agreement. Damage caused by using the wrong fuel or fluids and by failure to maintain proper fluid levels is the responsibility of the Renter. Damage to the interior of the vehicle, the awning, tables and camping chairs, and the bicycle carrier are not covered by insurance unless it is a result of an accident. The deductible must always be paid by the Renter.


Deductible Reduction

The insurance deductible can be reduced from CHF 1500.00 to CHF 300.00 per incident for a fee of CHF 16.00 per day (max. CHF 288 for rentals up to 6 weeks).

Details of insurance terms can be found here.


Additional Kilometers

The rental rate includes 200 kilometres per night. Kilometre packages can be paid in advance at a reduced rate. Refunds will not be given for unused prepaid kilometres. Kilometres travelled in excess of the included or prepaid kilometres are charged at the following rates: Budget CHF 0.70 each; Deluxe CHF 0.70 each; Premium CHF 0.75 each; Premium Camper Explorer CHF 0.80 each.



The rental rates include all taxes / VAT of 8.1%.


Terms of Payment

A deposit of 50% of the rental amount is due at time of booking in order to guarantee the reservation. The balance of the rental charges is due no later than 40 days prior to the start of the rental period.


Cancellation Penalties

Up to 90 days prior to rental:
CHF 200.00

89 to 60 days prior to rental:
20% of rental amount or minimum of CHF 200.00

59 to 30 days prior to rental:
50% of the rental amount

Within 30 days prior to rental:
100% of the rental amount

We recommend purchase of trip cancellation / interruption insurance.


Trip Cancellation / Interruption Insurance

This insurance provides peace of mind before and during a trip. Cancellation Insurance insures penalties when policy holders are unable to travel due to illness, accident, or death of a family member. Trip Interruption Insurance insures unused portions of trips and extra travel expenses that arise from illness, accident, or death of a family member within the duration of a trip.

Details of insurance terms can be found here. This insurance can only be purchased by people living in Switzerland or within the European Union.

Without Trip Cancellation / Interruption Insurance the Renter bears the cost of all expenses related to cancellations.


Violations of traffic regulations

The Renter is responsible for fines, penalties, toll charges, administrative costs and all other charges that are incurred in connection with the use of the vehicle within the rental period. The police and/or collection companies always report traffic fines and violations of traffic regulations by the customer to CITYPEAK CAMPERS. CITYPEAK CAMPERS will inform the police, debt collection companies, lawyers’ offices, etc. in Switzerland and abroad of the name, address, date of birth and home town of the corresponding customer and will also charge a fee for CITYPEAK CAMPERS’ expenses (CHF 40 per fine / fee, CHF 40 per reminder). The Renter authorizes CITYPEAK CAMPERS to charge the renter’s credit card for the above-mentioned fees. The customer is responsible for conducting the procedure with all cost consequences (representation costs, procedural costs, fines etc.). If CITYPEAK CAMPERS is exposed to other third party claims due to the behaviour of the renter, CITYPEAK CAMPERS is entitled to take all measures it deems necessary and appropriate to protect its interests. The Renter undertakes to compensate CITYPEAK CAMPERS for all expenses in connection with such measures and to indemnify the CITYPEAK CAMPERS completely against such claims.


Fees and Fuel

The Swiss Motorway Vignette is included in the rental as well as the environmental badge for Germany (green) and for France (CritAir). The costs for fuel, highway and tunnel tolls, ferries and other road charges are expenses of the Renter.



Upon singing the Rental Agreement, the Renter declares the he/she has read and understood the general terms and conditions of the Rental Agreement and agrees with the provisions contained within it. Exclusive jurisdiction is the Lessor’s domicile.

Cham, January 4, 2024