Ferry Reservations

Ferry Reservations

Would you like to travel directly to Scandinavia, the British Isles or to Corsica and Sardinia? Then it’s off the road and onto the ferry.

For your ferry reservation please note the following points:

Ferry companies

Several dozen internationally established marine transportation companies share the ferry connections in Southern and Northern Europe among themselves. It is difficult to know which ferry company offers the proper category for each type of vehicle and how you can benefit from special offers.

Tip: The experts of the independent ferry specialist Cruise & Ferry Center Ltd know exactly which marine transportation company offers preferential conditions for the desired route and which category is best to book with each company for the rented camper. With the best choice you could save up to CHF 200.

Early booking reduces fare

Spontaneity and flexibility are exactly the things that make holidays in a VW Camper so special, but when planning a longer ferry ride it pays to book early. As the summer holiday season approaches, less capacity becomes available for campers on the ferries and the fare for remaining space increases as a consequence.

Tip: Book the ferry trip as early as possible. There are often attractive offers for booking early. CITYPEAK CAMPERS reservation holders that book a ferry reservation at the Cruise & Ferry Center pay the ferry passage at the base price Euros or Swiss Francs without a booking fee.  This is a bonus to our customers equal up to CHF 49!

Vehicle dimensions and number plates

Exact vehicle dimensions are required at the time of booking a ferry.  The total length of the vehicle including bicycle rack must be stated. Depending on the type of vehicle booked, the dimensions may vary. At the same time, the car license plate number is required for the booking. Please note that in the case of a rental vehicle the license plate number can change even at short notice.

Tip: When making a reservation via the Cruise & Ferry Center, you do not need to worry about the correct vehicle dimensions or license plate number. All you have to do is specify the type of vehicle you have booked – “VW or Mercedes” – and we will take care of the rest!

Service & Support

Different booking systems, language barriers or the cancellation or rebooking of the planned ferry passage on site due to capricious weather conditions are very challenging and guaranteed to be time-consuming.

Tip: When making a ferry reservation via the Cruise & Ferry Centre, you have competent contacts in Switzerland. You benefit not only from support before the journey, but also in the event of unforeseeable postponements or changes on site.


Cruise & Ferry Center Ltd Cruise & Ferry Center Logo, Vorteilspreise mit Citypeak Campers

Cruise & Ferry Center Ltd is the Swiss specialist for ferry travel & ferry reservations in Northern and Southern Europe.

Reservation & information: info@ferrycenter.ch


Ferry reservations at preferential conditions

Thanks to our priority partnership with the long-standing ferry specialist Cruise & Ferry Center Ltd, our customers benefit from the following advantages:

  • Base fares on all ferry routes in Southern and Northern Europe
  • Exclusive: no booking fee – with a CITYPEAK CAMPERS booking you save up to CHF 49
  • Competent contact persons in Switzerland for all matters relating to ferries
  • Support before, during, and after the trip in case of postponements and changes
  • Save time: The vehicle dimensions are already stated for you.
  • On some routes our customers save up to CHF 200
  • The number plate can change at short notice for a rented camper. Don’t worry – we will take care of it.
  • You have the possibility to pay your ferry reservation at our partner in Euro of CHF, by invoice or credit card.