Quality pre-owned VW Californias

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Quality pre-owned VW Californias

Interested in one of our quality pre-owned VW Californias? Camper vans from our rental fleet 2022 of VW Californias and Mercedes Marco Polos are available for sale after the rental season. All of our VW Campervans are accident-free and miticulously maintained. The remainder of the factory warranty is transferrable to a new owner. These vehicles have been driven between 10,000 and 25,000 kilometres. Depending on the Campervan Category and configuration, the value of the vehicles will be between CHF 69’900 and CHF 109,000.

Please refer to our Overview Campervan Categories page for configurations and details of our various available mobile homes. Note that our motorhomes are guaranteed to be equipped with all features listed. Some RV’s in our fleet are equipped with more options than listed.

We are looking forward to numerous encounters!

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