We are the management team of CITYPEAK CAMPERS!

The story behind our name and team is quickly told. It happened while travelling. We all face similar everyday routines including a full calender of appointments and maintaining homes with an abundance of amenities. We believe travel should be a complete counter-balance to our daily routines.

Explore, dream, discover and feel free. Live without knowing what the next day will bring. Rediscover positive experiences from youth as a backpacker on a small budget exploring the world. The essentials were not expensive.

Now later in life, our team is fortunate to have discovered similarly uncomplicated travel in a VW Camper. Everyday is a quality experience that requires very few everyday conveniences. It gives us more time for family. It brings us closer to nature. Drift along without a specific plan and look forward to meals by a campfire every evening. These are just a few things that nobody should live without.

CITYPEAK CAMPERS represents rediscovering flexibility and spontaneous travel decisions that we appreciated from earlier years … for just following the sun, coffee outside at sunrise, strolls through historic old towns, discovering what’s around the next corner of a winding mountain road, sunsets at remote beaches, and memorable encounters with friendly, like-minded people … to list just a few.


campervan rental company, Thomas Jenzer, management team

Thomas Jenzer
Over 20 years experience as a travel professional with a passionate interest in camping vacations. Many of those years in management of departments that specialize in the marketing of rental motor homes worldwide.

“My best travel experience on the VW Bus was camping at the deserted dunes of northern Holland. The shrieking of the seagulls, the beacon of the nearby lighthouse and the dune grass flowing in the wind are unforgettable memories.”

VW camper rentals Switzerland, management team, Sebastian Tanner

Sebastian Tanner
Professional auto technician and VW Campervan specialist with over 20 years of experience.

“We also travel in our VW Campervan, enjoying the sunrise and relaxing on ski tours. The ultimate end to a day is a splendid powder-snow descent.“

vw campervan rental company, management team, Sven Fischer

Sven Fischer
Auto Repair Shop operator and VW Bus specialist with international motor home rental experience.

”In my opinion the VW Bus is in its own class for well-engineered practicality. It’s always present when I visit motorsports events throughout Europe.“

vw campervan rentals Switzerland, management team, Nicole Jenzer

Nicole Jenzer
10 years experience as a travel consultant for individual itineraries as well as passionate VW Campervan travellers.

”I love to discover Europe and Switzerland together with my family spontaneously and without a fixed plan. Our VW Campervan is the ideal mode of travel for us. The destination is not important. We are not eager to arrive. The joy is in the journey.“